What is a Permanent Course?

A permanent course is a public area, usually suburban parkland, on which permanent orienteering "controls" have been placed in strategic locations. These controls take the form of an 8 cm x 8 cm numbered plaque showing the orange and white orienteering symbol, attached to or adjacent to the feature on the map. Many controls also have a unique pin punch to mark the appropriate square on the map. However, from August 2020 we are no longer using punches at controls for permanent courses near Hobart due to constant damage and the cost of replacement.  For the Waterworks and any future permanent courses in Southern Tasmania each control has been assigned a unique two letter code attached to the control marker.  These can be written on the map in the box provided to show the competitor has visited that control. Accordingly, school or other groups undertaking these permanent courses may need to be equipped with pens or pencils for writing these codes on the map. Permanent courses in Launceston still have punches but also offer the opportunity of scanning QR codes in conjunction with use of the free IOrienteering app.

Permanent Course Downloads

The downloads are available in a "kit" form in a ZIP file containing:

  1. An information sheet explaining what to do.
  2. Instructions on how to use the IOrienteering app (Launceston only)
  3. A colour orienteering map in PDF format showing the location and identification number of all controls including a control description describing each control location.
  4. Sample Long, Medium and Short courses. These courses will be changed every year or so.

The files are free to download after completing a short survey

Upon completing the download survey you will be emailed a download link and subscribed to Orienteering Tasmania's weekly newsletter. The newsletter contains useful information about orienteering generally and upcoming events. If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter there is an Unsubscribe link available.

Permanent Course Locations

Tailrace Park (Launceston)

Maps updated in November 2020 so that they can be used with the free IOrienteering app.

The Tailrace Park permanent course is located 2.5 Km north along the West Tamar Highway from the Launceston Gorge Bridge. If travelling from Launceston you will have to turn right just past the Trevallyn Power Station and proceed back toward Launceston, then after 300 meters turn left into the Tailrace Park. The Start/Finish is located a short walk from the main car park at the Rotary Clubs BBQ Shelter (GPS coordinates (41.25.287 S 147.06.907 E)

Download HERE

Windsor Precinct (Launceston)

Maps updated in November 2020 so that they can be used with the free IOrienteering app.

The Windsor Community Precinct is located at Riverside just 5 km North of Launceston City. After Riverside School turn right at the traffic lights into the Windsor Precinct, go straight ahead at the roundabout and then park in the first car park on the right. The Start is a short walk to the Amphitheatre (GPS coordinates (41.403337, 147.095082)

Download HERE

Queens Domain (Hobart)

Situated in the middle of Hobart and within walking distance of the CBD the Domain is a 4 km x 3 km expanse of largely undisturbed parkland, so undisturbed that it contains many native plant species which are rare elsewhere. It is alive with birdlife, particularly parrots, yet has many excellent orienteering features such as overgrown pits and quarries, rockfaces, ruined buildings, shallow gullies and tricky route choices around sports grounds and areas of suburban housing.

Download HERE

Risdon Brook Reserve (Hobart - Maps currently not available)

The Risdon Brook Reserve is located 15 km from Hobart just off the East Derwent Highway. It is within a reserve which has limited opening hours - approx 8.00 am until 4.00 pm. So always ensure your run is timed so that your vehicle is not locked in the reserve for the night! Risdon Brook has great sandstone features on the eastern side and hilly spur and gully on the western side. Long courses going right around the dam and totaling over 7 km can easily be put together with this map. A feature of the area is that wildlife is abundant particularly wallabies and wombats with kookaburras in the trees.

Upper Ridgeway Reserve (Hobart)

The Upper Ridgeway Reserve is only 5 km from the city centre, nestled under Mt Wellington accessed up Waterworks Road from Dynnyrne. Courses here work their way around the hillside visiting boulders, track bends, earth mounds and shallow gullies with the longer courses extending along steeper hillsides and including old sandstone quarries. Wallabies abound on the hilltops and the views everywhere are superb.

Download HERE

Waterworks Reserve (Hobart)

Updated courses added in August 2020!

The Waterworks Reserve is adjacent to the Upper Ridgeway Reserve accessed up Waterworks Road from Dynnyrne. It offers a very scenic location with an opportunity to combine orienteering with a BBQ at the supplied facilities in a fantastic bush location.

Download HERE

Coningham (Hobart - Maps currently not available)

The Coningham State Recreation Area is just past Snug on the Channel Highway 20 km south of Hobart. This location can be accessed any time and the map offers a number of alternative starting points. It consists of a range of steeply sided hills dissected by a number of gullies. Most of these gullies exhibit rock features including some sandstone cliffs up to 3 m high. Forest is generally open with some grassy areas but gullies can be very scrubby.

Gordon's Hill Nature Recreation Area (Hobart)

Updated courses added in February 2020!

The Gordon's Hill Reserve is located in the suburbs of Montagu and Rose Bay on Hobart's Eastern Shore a short drive from the city centre. The map includes the grounds of the Rose Bay High School as well as a steepish but attractive forested hill. There are great views from the top to Hobart city and Mount Wellington (kunanyi).

Download HERE

Other Information

There is a good youtube instructional video produced in Britain about how to use permanent courses.  The only difference is that they use a pencil and paper to write down the number on each control rather than use a punch.  See https://youtu.be/JRUvSWiDgc8

If you have any permanent course enquiries or would like to report damage or other issues please contact OT's Permanent Course Manager