OT has identified a need for a regular communication mechanism to:

  • Impart technical information to planners and controllers
  • Provide useful advice to planners and controllers
  • Provide information to event organisers (e.g. policy changes)
  • Educate organisers on available software tools (Condes, SITiming etc)
  • Other stuff will no doubt come to mind…

The intended audience for the newsletter is all those involved in event organisation however anyone else with an interest in event organisation is welcome to join the mailing list.  The plan is to have regular contributions from those responsible for the more technical aspects of our sport, but others with something to share, e.g. what went wrong or worked really well at an event, are more than welcome to contribute. Contributions should be sent to Lindsay Pender.  Suggestions for other discussion items relating to the more technical aspect of Orienteering are also welcome.

We plan on the newsletter going out monthly. Links to the newsletter as sent can be found here. Past articles included in the newsletter follow. Use the website search box if you wish to find out whether information exists about specific issues.