About Events

When are Events Held?

Orienteering events are held regularly in and around both Hobart and Launceston as well as on the NW Coast. The main season for orienteering lasts from February to December. 

The latest event calendar is available HERE

What Happens at Events?

A key feature of orienteering is that you should find your way around your course without help from other orienteers, unless you are with your mate or family. Competitors on the same course therefore have different start times, mostly at 2 minute intervals. You may choose your own start time on the day, within the time specified by the organising club. This is usually between 10 am and 12.00 noon for Sunday events or in the late afternoon in midweek events.

At an event, information boards will describe the courses which are available and any other information which you need to know. However, if you need help, ask at the registration desk. Most events have a person rostered to assist new orienteers. These people will help you decide which course to do and tell you what to do next. You should choose the course which suits your experience; one of the easier courses if you are new to the sport. You can always tackle a harder course later.

For more information about any event, remember to check out the event calendar. Many people discover orienteering is an enjoyable sport for a lifetime. 

Cancellation of Events

Bad weather rarely causes cancellation of an orienteering event. Severe weather and total fire bans may cause a cancellation. In such a situation, advice will be conveyed via either the E Bulletin or the website. If you are not dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and/or do not have relevant experience to go out on a hard course the event organiser may, in their discretion, refuse your entry.


Orienteering Tasmania has a policy of no dogs at orienteering events, even though they may be held in public places where dogs are permitted. Many events are held on private land or in special use reserves. Dogs may disrupt wildlife and stock, which may jeopardise future access to areas.

Private Land

Possession of an orienteering map of a particular area does not permit access to private land at times other than the staging of an event. Orienteering relies on the good will of landowners and government land management agencies for the sport to operate.

Event Fees

Orienteering Tasmania periodically reviews and sets entry fees for sanctioned events.  Any person who goes on a course is required to pay the appropriate entry fee and will receive a map of that course with two exceptions as noted below.

The event fees from January 2020 onwards are:

 Event Fees Adult Adult Youth or
Youth or
Family Family
Casual Member Full
  Local Events $12 $8 $6 $4 $30 $20
 Orienteering Series
 Tasmania (OST) Relays


$16 $12 $8 $60 $40


  1. Adult is 21 years and over at 31 December of the current year
    Youth is under 21 years at 31 December of the current year
    Concession is Commonwealth Card Holders (pension or health care card)
    Family is any number of adult or junior members who are part of a family
  2. Children 10 years and under completing a course as a member of a group in the company of adults or older children, participate free of charge.
  3. A child completing a course as an individual with a parent shadowing (following) them only pays the relevant child entry fee. That is, the parent shadowing does so free of any charge.

Types Of Events

 This document describes the different types of orienteering events held in Tasmania - 2.08 Event Series And Types Guidelines