The four week orienteering sporting schools program teaches students orienteering skills using a variety of active, fun and inclusive games. Some of the skills they  will learn are reading maps, interpreting map symbols and orientating the map (cardinal points/NESW) The program concludes with an orienteering course around the school or nearby parkland

We are adaptable and this course is a sample:

Week 1 - Map symbols and direction

  • North/South/East/West game

  • Symbol matching relay game

Week 2 - Map orientation

  • Star Relay

  • Grid course (electronic timing)

Week 3 - Orienteering within the school

  • Map walk

  • Walk the line

  • Mini-course around the school

Week 4 - Orienteering course

  • Timed orienteering courses around the school or local area. This activity ties together the skills learned in the previous weeks.

Special Family Event

Immediately following the 4 week program we can run a special event for your students and their parents. This event could be on a Saturday morning on your school map. This is a great way for the kids to show off their new skills and share the fun of orienteering with mum and dad. We can also run an orienteering event at your school fair.


For example - 4 week course, assuming all lessons are on the same day.

1 class   $1040
2 classes  $1480
3 classes  $1920