SueMiddle450x347Are you looking for a chance to practice your game face before the Australian Championships? Yearning for a little mass start madness? Aching to avenge your two second loss at last year's Tas Middle champs? Then look no further! 

On August 20 and 21, we're heading to Rajah Rock for the best championships ever (this year). On Saturday, course setter Joe Dickinson will have you cursing at the granite as you negotiate the steep and treacherous slopes of the Rock. Did we say steep? Sorry, we meant 'undulating'. And treacherous? Make that 'challenging'. 

On Sunday, course setter Clare Hawthorne has gone out of her way to do as little leg-work as possible, guaranteed to result in some tightly-packed, head-to-head racing. And that's just the over 70s! 

The relay will be a mixed format (short, medium and long), while the Tas champs will be classic long distance. So be there, or be somewhere else far less fun, where it is probably raining. 

Entries are now open on Eventor.