My name is Jean-Rémi Tessier. I am a solo developer both passionate about orienteering and video games since my childhood.
7 years ago I decided to start the creation of a new video game about orienteering which could both initiate non orienteers and thrill the confirmed ones.
Today StarPicker is out and I’d like to give you the opportunity to play the game with this Steam activation key:


Here are the key features that might interest the Orienteers:

  • Enable or disable the compass assistant.
  • Switch between simplified map display and ISOM standard.
  • 3 different game modes : Avoid stepping into invisible and dangerous areas in Electric Eel mode, challenge your reflexes in Berserk mode or train your rogaining skill in main race mode.
  • Leaderboards and replay tools for route analysis.
  • More than 60 maps in 5 different environments.
  • Additional maps will continually be added for free after release.

You can find more content in the press kit here: https://starpickergame.com/presskit.html
Or feel free to contact me () for any further information or questions. ;)

Have a nice day.