Spring-Twilight-2021Fine weather at last brought everyone out to enjoy Jett’s courses through the Hockey Centre and Cornelian Bay Cemetery. The final event is at our favourite venue – The Botanical Gardens. On the Long courses, Eloise Fisher seems to have the Women’s section wrapped up, but the Men’s section is up for grabs – Anthony Stoner, Oskar Burcide, Joe Dickinson and Kris Clauson are in with a chance and the result will hinge on the final event. Tara Powell and Niko Stoner seem safe in the Girls secions. On the Medium courses, Hermione Powell-Davies, Jo Mitchell and Sam Degenaar are in with a chance in the Womens and Ivor Leonard is looking good in the Mens. In the Girls, Katie Clauson and Hannah Green will be going head to head, while Felix Green and Callum Degenaar will be very interested in each other’s result at the end. In the Girls Short, Hwee Lin Yee, Margot Marcant and Ella Clauson are fighting it out, while either Oscar Atkinson or Jacob Wilson could win the Boys Short. In the Primary sections, Chloe Marcant, Sky Bestley Toman, Beatrix Louis could all win. In the Boys Primary, Isaac Butler seems to have it sewn up.

This week, please note that the last starts are at 5:30pm and course closure is at 6:00pm, because we have to be out of the Gardens by 6:30pm. See you there.