It is important that all orienteers intending to enter the Southern Tasmanian Championships read all of the information in these newsletters and the specific instructions that will appear in the Information Flier in due course.

Some weeks ago, we began the first review of the area designated by OT for these Championships.  We had heard rumours that work on the proposed Golf Course had commenced but when we arrived in the area we were horrified to find that over 2/3rds of the best part of the map had been desecrated by the developers. You will see some evidence of the tree clearance when you attend the event but unless you move well into the area you will not see the extent of the destruction. As a result of our first visit we made recommendations to an Australoper’s meeting and we were requested to reconstruct the event using two separated areas.

This first notice is to advise that the event will take place in the Dunes but will consist of 2 separated courses which will form one total course for the event. The first part of the event will take place in the west of the map, utilising entry through the Surf Road extension.  When the first part of your course is complete you will need to relocate to the eastern end of the map via Centre Rd.  There you will recommence your course and finish the event in the Assembly area at the end of Centre Road. Unfortunately, to make the courses work, there will be at least 15 minute walks to both relevant starts. 

To make such an event work there will need to be an earlier than usual start, a shorter time frame for starts on the first map and transition time to move to the second map and to the start of the second part of each course. Consequently, competitors should allow several hours to attend the complete event. We will also need to talk with parents who wish to compete and also to assist their young children to compete in the Very Easy Course to ensure that this can take place in the very tight time frames.

Our organisation will have to be very specific to ensure that everyone can compete fairly, move between both areas with a minimum of fuss and with no compromise to safety.  Therefore, there will be very precise instructions in the Information Flier that will have to be followed on the day.  We advise you to read those instructions carefully and have a full understanding of them on the day.  We will be needing more helpers than normal to assist us in making this event as seamless as possible and to assist competitors enjoy the experience.

Rest assured we will do everything we can to make the event enjoyable as we love the area and are devastated by the destruction that has taken place, removing the best parts of this unique orienteering area.  The Park’s Rangers have been very helpful in assisting us with access to the area.  More to come in later newsletters and the Information Flier.

Terry and Dane Cavanagh (contact )