When you are entering the upcoming Tasmanian Sprint Championships a reminder that due to the restructure of OST events this year:

  • For Championship events you enter by Age-Class, not Course.
  • OST points are not accrued in Championship events, but Excellence Points still are.

This means that running a different course at Championship and OST events will not adversely affect your standing in either the OST or Excellence competition.

There are three points competitions:

  • Excellence points are based on your run-rate, age and gender, irrespective of which of courses 1-5 you do.
  • One set of OST points is based on Course-Class (eg fastest in 4W)
  • Another is ranked age-gender-adjusted within each course (eg fastest adjusted kilometre rate of everyone in Course 4.)

By the way – both OST and Excellence points have been updated after OST4 (see our Results page). Also, very excitingly,  cumulative age-gender-adjusted OST points have now been calculated and are available on the OST4 Eventor page.