Australian Orienteering Championships 2021, St Helens, Tasmania

 Save! Early Bird Entries Close Monday 31 May

Things are hotting up, with event organisation in full swing, as we get ready for the arrival of 500+ orienteers from the mainland and across the ditch (fingers and toes crossed).

As organisers, we are determined to make this 9 days of fun for you – great courses set in great terrain – and to make sure winning times are on the money – to leave you with time and energy to explore and chill, and whatever else floats your boat….

Regular entries will run from 1 June – 22 August. There is a generous discount that applies in the early bird period which closes 31 May. You will see that entry fees are much higher for the carnival than for usual local events. The costs of holding national events are very high (mapping costs for a start). OT is a not for profit organisation with NO paid people – everyone volunteers (outside of the Sporting Schools program). In any case, the entry fees are in line with big fun runs.

If you plan on heading to St Helens (we hope you do!), please make your accommodation plans NOW. It is peak holiday time and even in St Helens, tourism has taken off. People love the new mountain bike trails and things are bustling.

Finally, you might be interested to know that Launceston based business AutoRent Hertz have come on board to provide commercial vehicles to help Orienteering Tasmania with the logistics. AutoRent Hertz have provided similar support for previous major carnivals (think Easter Tasmania 2018 and Oceania 2015). This makes life significantly easier for OT volunteers and helps to reduce organisation costs. As a bonus, during AOC2021, participants can access a 10% discount with AutoRent Hertz.

To learn more about AOC2021 and to enter click here.