Date-Change-McComb-website-160Organisation is going full-steam ahead for the AOC to be held in Tasmania in late September. If you are attending the carnival and don't already have a role we'd love it if you could pitch in and help for any amount of time.

Control Collection
After each event we need to get the controls in as soon as possible, as they'll be needed again soon for another event. The more volunteers we have, the less each person will have to do. Also, it's fun. The organisers of each event will coordinate the control collectors.

Parking attendants/COVID checkin
We need people to direct arriving cars, and make sure everyone does the COVID checkin. You'll be able to have priority parking at the event, wear a fluoro green vest and wave your arms around a lot. Duties will finish earlier in the day than most other volunteer tasks.  Julian Roscoe is the parking manager.

Competitor services
Can you spare an hour or two to volunteer at the registration and info desk? Kim Nankervis is in charge of competitor services.

Control wake-up
As we are using SI Air at each event the controls need to be 'woken-up' before the first competitor goes out. The organisers of each event will do this, but will need some help at the longer events. If you are a confident and speedy navigator please consider this important job. You will get free entry to the event (if you have any energy left to compete) but will be unofficial in the results.

If you want to volunteer for any of these roles, or have any questions please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Sally Wayte.