COVID has made changes to many things – the least important of which is probably our event entry policy. But just in case you were wondering here it is (the current version, anyway  [😊] ).

Online entry by Eventor remains the preferred option for all events while the COVID pandemic continues.  Entries will usually close four days before the event, but this may vary so please check the Eventor information for each event.

At Local and Twilight events, if you haven’t entered online, you may turn up and enter on the day (EOD), but you will be charged $2 extra. Organisers will print a few extra maps, but there is no guarantee a map for your preferred course will be available unless you enter online. Payment at the event will be by card.

For OST and Championship events, there is no EOD, as payment options may not be available due to lack of mobile reception in the bush.  If you forget to enter by the deadline, late entry via Eventor will be available for an extra charge of $5 up to two days before the event.

Confused? All this information will be detailed on the Event Information Flyer which you can find on the Eventor page for each event, so if in doubt please check there. Sometimes organisers require a different entry closing date, so the golden rule is: PLEASE CHECK THE EVENT INFORMATION FLYER.

We will endeavour to make entry closures AFTER the day this newsletter is sent out, so we recommend: read the newsletter, and then enter the event via the link in the newsletter!

Sally Wayte