Training is on next Monday 22nd February at Pittwater. There are two sessions, come at either 4:30 or 6 pm. Meeting spot is through the gates and down Centre Rd, Seven Mile Beach. The van should be easy to spot! Course choice is long (3.6km) or medium (2.8km). The aim for this session is on fast relocation and working on strategies to deal with mass starts and relay legs. You can treat it as a normal course, or you can go in a group of 2-4 runners where only the leader is allowed to read the map. Before getting to the control, the leader stops at a point, from which everyone is allowed to read the map and needs to relocate to find the control as quickly as possible. At every control, the leader changes.
Let me know what time you plan to come and what course you would like to do via email  or by commenting on the Facebook post. Hope to see you there!

Mikayla Cooper