sportingschoolchildEach week you were allocated points on this basis: 1st = 20, 2nd = 19, etc. Then we added your best 5 events to calculate your score. Click here to find out how you ranked.  You may need to scroll down - the links to the final results are right at the bottom of the page.

We present trophies to the best Primary school, best Secondary school (girls) and best Secondary school (boys), and these are calculated by adding the scores of the best 3 participants from each school. The best schools will be announced next week, but first we need your help, as there are some students whose school we don’t know, or who may have changed schools (eg primary to secondary). If your school is not listed next to your name, or if we have listed the wrong school, please help us to amend our records by contacting  to tell us which school you go to. It would help us get the results right and be much appreciated.

Mike Calder