You may have received an email from Ron Pallas about updating your Easter 2020 entry to an Easter 2021 entry. That email mentions that  there are now MW18E classes as well as MW20E classes. All of these classes are NOL classes.

The MW18E classes have been introduced for long distance events because the younger athletes may find the MW20E courses dispiritingly long. Day 2 of Easter is a full length long distance event so MW18E has been offered across the four day program. For the other three days the MW18E courses will be the same as the MW20E course so you can make a direct comparison with the older juniors. For those days the MW18E and MW20E results will be combined to calculate NOL points so you can run MW18E and still fully count in NOL. In long distance events the MW18E results will score 50% of the normal points in the individual competition but the team competition will be based upon MW20E results only.

If you are a MW18E athlete and are nominating for JWOC you can run either MW18E or MW20E. The only difference will be for the long distance event and the selectors will compare performances across the age classes. You do not have to run MW20E to be considered for JWOC.

Ian Prosser

OA High Performance Administrator