Tasmanian Sprint Championships  - Randalls Bay  - Sunday August 16th

This is NOT going to be your average sprint terrain. No streets, no parkland, no school campuses. In fact, according the description of sprint orienteering in the rules, this won’t really be a 'Sprint'. Perhaps you could call it a 'forest sprint' but really 'short middle' would be more accurate.

This will be real forest orienteering with some very intense technical navigation in old sand quarries.

The map also covers some coastal reserve including Mickeys Beach, Randalls Bay Beach and some beautiful rugged coastline. It may not be your usual sprint race but it will be a real test of orienteering in unique and beautiful terrain. 

You are encouraged to car pool to the event. Randalls Bay is an hour from central Hobart and parking is limited. The start is approximately 700m/15 minutes from the assembly area so competitors should ensure they allow themselves enough time. 

Entries close on Wednesday August 12th. Start times will be pre-allocated and published on Eventor on Friday 14th and advertised at the Snug and Kingston High sprint events on Saturday 15th August.


A large part of the map covers a conservation area owned by Friends of Randalls Bay (FORB) conservation group, which also manages the nearby Echo Sugar walk - a beautiful 5km walk with great views that you may wish to enjoy after your run. Competitors are asked to make a small donation to FORB when entering the event on Eventor - this can be done by clicking on the Available Services drop down menu and choosing either a $5 or a $2 donation. Donations are optional.