Due to the large amount of work that goes into planning, orienteering events are rarely cancelled. Yes, I can hear you all laughing - last year probably set a record for the number of events cancelled. Not only did we cancel numerous events due to COVID, we cancelled the Tasmanian Middle Champs in St Helens at the last minute due to high winds and fire.

It’s pretty stressful making the decision to cancel. On the day of the Tas Middle Champs last year (which would have been the day of the Australian Long Distance Championships if COVID hadn’t already cancelled that) the organisers,  as well as many current and previous Board members, were huddled together at Kellraine Units, debating the pros and cons, scanning the skies, and avidly checking the weather forecast. 

The decision will be easier if OT has a clear policy, we realised. So you can now find this on the Organisers'Toolkit.

Orienteering Tasmania Event Cancellation Guidelines

This document gives clear guidelines on when and how to cancel an event. It also states who is responsible for making the decision, and describes the refund policy.

I urge all event organisers to read this before your next event.