This section of the technical newletter is intended to keep organisers up to date with anything new you need to know. For our first newsletter we have a bumper edition because we have made a few changes recently.

‘READ THIS FIRST’ – The Organisers’ Toolkit

The first thing you need to know about is the Organisers’ Toolkit.  Here you can find lots of resources: orienteering rules;  advice on how to organise events and set courses; information on Condes; our safety and cancellation policies; documents you may need to provide to landowners; and templates for providing information about your event.  Note that the latter do change quite regularly so please always download the latest version. 

NEW! Newcomer Registration

OT has developed a new system for registering newcomers at events using a QR code.  This will allow newcomers to turn up at their first event for free without registering on Eventor, as well as enabling us to collect contact details for safety and COVID-compliance purposes. For more information read the document ‘How to register newcomers’ on the Organisers’ Toolkit

NEW! Pre-entry Policy 

Local and Twilight Events

  • Pre-entry by Eventor remains the preferred option while the COVD pandemic continues.
  • Online series entry to Twilights available for 2/3 total cost of all events.
  • Limited Enter on the Day (EOD) will be offered for an extra charge of $2 per adult, $1 per junior, $5 per family  (maybe 5 maps of each course).
  • EOD for free is available to complete newcomers (see above).
  • On the day payment will preferably be via our EFTPOS system. The extra charges are built into this.
  • No guarantee EOD will be able to do the course of their choice.
  • The extra maps printed for EOD will be need to separated from the pre-ordered maps, so that people who have pre-entered do not miss out.
  • Entries close 4 days before the event in the south (and whatever timing suits you in other areas).
  • EOD replaces the Eventor late entry option.

OST and Championship Events

  • Pre-entry by whenever the organiser wants (usually 4 days before event, can be earlier but not later unless OK’ed with map printer).
  • Late entry via Eventor 2 days before the event, with a $5 late fee for adults, no fee for juniors.
  • Very limited EOD only on moderate and easy courses 6,7,8 (post-COVID).
  • EOD discouraged because payment online may not be available due to lack of mobile reception.