Lovely-banksEntry is now open for this event to be held on Sunday, May 29th at Melton Mowbray, just off the Midland Hwy. To enter and to read the Event Information Flyer, click here.

This is the fifth OST event despite the fact the fourth OST will be run after this event. The event will be held on the western part of the Lovely Banks map. You will experience a mix of carefree super fast running through open farmland and dry forests, and then possibly sections of picking and wheezing your way through the detailed cliffs and boulders along the slopes of some impressive and scenic gorges.

This is also the third school team selection event for 2022. School students who wish to be considered for the state team need to enter this event and select the course designated for their age group. Full details are available here. All other competitors are free to choose their course in line with the course/class table listed in the Event Information Flyer. Eight courses are available, organised by course, and by difficulty for less experienced orienteers. The Information Flyer includes full details on course length and climb, as well as details on how to get to the event.

Event Organisers: Gary Carroll and Dion McKenzie