LianaEntry is now open for this event to be held on Sunday May 1st at Levendale.    To enter and to read the Event Information Flyer, click here.

This is the 3rd OST event and the 2nd school team selection event for 2022.   School students who wish to be considered for the state team need to enter this event and select the course designated for their age group.  Full details are available here.

All other competitors are free to choose their course in line with the course/class table listed in the Event Information Flyer.  Eight courses are available, organised by course, and by difficulty for less experienced orienteers.  The Information Flyer includes full details on course length and climb, as well as details on how to get to the event.

Bluff River Vista is typical dolerite spur-gully terrain, with flatter areas and some steep slopes.  Much of the area covered by the courses is eucalypt forest but some is semi-open or open farm paddocks that allow for fast running.  The normal forest areas have experienced growth of tree seedlings and undergrowth, meaning that the slow run areas are more extensive than shown on the map.  The area is crisscrossed by many tracks and fences.   

Event Organisers: Warwick Moore and Ian Rathbone