flooded-creekDue to forecast heavy rain in the south east for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Campania event will be unable to go ahead as creeks will likely be uncrossable again. Since this is the last OST event of the year and your last chance to gain OST and Excellence points, we have decided to postpone both the Campania event AND the awards dinner to the following week - Saturday 23 October. There is also a local event on at Lieemunetta on Sunday 24th, so it's a great opportunity for northerners to come south for an action-packed weekend.  This also gives everyone more time to work on their outfits for the dinner - no excuses now to not look stunning!

Also note dinner venue has changed - New Town Bay Rowing Club (western shore) NOT Lindisfarne Rowing Club (eastern shore).

The Special General Meeting to receive the audited 2020 financial report will now take place at 6:30pm on 23 October.

p.s. Need rain? Ask Bert 'Rainmaker' Elson to plan an event on your property.