turbo-at-Tas-Middle-3It wasn’t quite the Australian Orienteering Championships, but The Carnival That Never Will Be was a very enjoyable event for the over 150 participants. We were blessed with sensational sunny and calm weather for the UTas Sprint, Tas Middle Champs, Bosses Rocks Score and Turbo Chook 1. The rain threatened but held off for Turbo Chook 2 at Mt Pearson, and, well, … it could have been worse for Turbo Chook 3.

It was almost The Carnival That Was Never Meant To Be when we heard the week before that the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service was planning a control burn on the area covering Turbo Chooks 2 and 3. Some quick work by ‘our man in St Helens’, Roger Harlow, and AOC Director Warwick Moore, with excellent cooperation by local PWS staff, averted the third cancellation.

Thanks to the large number of Tasmanian orienteers who attended and to the 50 or so brave mainland orienteers who joined us.

After the disappointment of cancelling AOC2021, it was a challenge to pick ourselves up and run a smaller carnival.  Of course it wouldn’t have happened so quickly without the great work already put in by AOC Event Director Warwick Moore and his team. Thanks are due to the large number of volunteers who made it happen:

Bernard Walker - controller, Turbo Chook 3; live results
Bert Elson – equipment
Cathy McComb - controller, UTas Sprint; map layout; awards and presentation
Clare Hawthorne - controller, Bosses Rocks
Darryl Smith - planner, Turbo Chook 3
Dion McKenzie - controller, Tas Middle Champs
Donelda Niles - planner, Turbo Chook 1
Gary Carroll - planner, Tas Middle Champs
Greg Hawthorne - planner/controller, Bosses Rocks; start times; SI Timing setup
Ian Rathbone – Eventor
Jeff Dunn - planner, Turbo Chook 2; Livelox setup
Jo Bissett - controller, Turbo Chook 1
Julian Roscoe - COVID safety officer; parking supervisor; grant application
Kate Lucas - IT services and finish
Kim Nankervis - planner, UTas Sprint; catering van
Lindsay Pender - Starts manager
Martin Bicevskis - SI Unit management; PA system
Mike Calder - controller, Turbo Chook 2
Roger Harlow - AOC Technical Director turned sewerage engineer
Sally Wayte - Volunteer coordination; SI management
Sussan Best – BBQ
Turbo Chook - sponsorship and style
Warwick Moore - permissions and stakeholder communications
Wayne Griggs - planner/helper, Bosses Rocks

…and the numerous parking/COVID check-in attendants, control collectors, start team members, BBQ slaves, toilet emptiers and trailer towers.

We’d also like to acknowledge the huge amount of work put in by people whose events were part of AOC but not TCTNWB. We hope some of these courses will be able to be used at a future National carnival.

  • Kim Nankervis       Aus Sprint planner
  • Paul Pacque            Aus Sprint controller
  • Chris Brown            Aus Middle planner
  • Lindsay Pender     Aus Middle controller
  • Randall Hope         Aus Relays planner
  • David Marshall       Aus Relays controller
  • Greg Hawthorne    Aus Long planner
  • Clare Hawthorne   Aus Long controller
  • Miriam Palmer       Media and Marketing

Finally a special thanks to Meisha Austin, who did a magnificent job as the coordinator of the Australian Schools Orienteering Championships.

Sprint results can be found here; Tas middle distance results can be found here; Bosses Rocks results can be found here; and overall Turbo Chook results can be found here.