If you pre-entered AOC2021 prior to cancellation, you should have received an email about your refund. If you haven’t received this email, part of it is repeated below.

The new local event versions of the Launceston Sprint, Turbo Chook 3 Days and Tasmanian Middle Distance Championships are going ahead but with lower entry fees – So, you still need to request a refund for ALL AOC2021 events and re-enter the new local versions. Cheaper entry fees apply! All events are now open for entry on Eventor.

An extract from the email sent to all AOC2021 entrants in Eventor follows:

"According to our refund policy,  you are entitled to a refund of 90% of your entry fees.  To process your refund we need you to complete the online form. On the form there is also an opportunity, if you wish, to make a tax-deductible donation to Orienteering Tasmania through the Australian Sports Foundation. This is entirely optional and will assist us to cover the losses that we will incur from this cancellation.  Once the form has been submitted, our Entries Manager will process your refund, in accordance with the refund policy.  No further action will be needed on your part to receive your refund."