This weekend’s statewide Orienteering event at Campania was to be held on the eastern section of the map.  This involved 5 taped creek crossings which were dry when this area was used previously, and had only a trickle in them 3 weeks ago.  Following 2 weekends of easterly weather and very heavy downfalls over Brown Mountain this Thursday, both creeks are in full flood and showing little sign of sufficiently abating by Sunday.  On a reconnaissance today (late Friday) it was totally impossible for us to safely cross anywhere to put out controls.  Accordingly, as event controller, Jan deemed all creek crossings a serious safety risk and we have reluctantly had to call off the event for this Sunday. 

The event has now been postponed until Sunday 16th October.    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this postponement causes but the decision was a very clear one given the state of the creeks and the potential risk to competitors.


Bert Elson (Planner) Jan Hardy (Controller)