20210523121714Over 105 people descended on Royal George on Sunday for OST 4, which also served as the third and final selection event for the Tasmanian Schools team. As promised, Bernard Walker delivered many intriguing route choice conundrums, including the much-discussed 'mega-leg' which traversed the map from the north-east to the south-west on courses 1, 2, and 3. Extending his powers even further, Bernard managed to deliver us balmy blue skies from somewhere in central Australia. 

All eyes were on courses 3, 4 and 6 - the selection races for Senior Boys, Senior Girls and Junior Boys and Girls respectively. As expected, top-performing juniors Liana Stubbs and Euan Best took out the Junior Girls and Junior Boys races on Course 6; while in the Senior Boys, Niko Stoner had a convincing win over Jett McComb and Riley Kerr.  In the Senior Girls, a closely-contested race between Tara Powell and Zali McComb saw Tara victorious by less than a minute. Congratulations to everyone who tried out for the Schools Team - stay tuned for an announcement here soon!

In the rest of the field, Joe Dickinson took out first place on a long and tough Course 1. Other winners on the day were Arabella Phillips (Course 2W) and Sebastian Burgess (Course 2M); Liz Canning in a very closely contested Course 3W; Cathy McComb (Course 4W) and Paul Pacque (Course 4M); Miriam Palmer (Course 5W) and Warwick Moore (Course 5M); Eloise Fisher (Course 7W) and Rodney Miller (Course 7M); and Ella Clauson (Course 8W) and Liam Wolfe (Course 8M). For full results click here.

As sometimes happens in orienteering, a junior competitor on Course 6 became injured and disoriented, necessitating a search and rescue operation at course closure. Fortunately, she was found safe and well by one of the search teams, and returned to the assembly area in good spirits. Thanks to everyone who stayed behind to assist with the search and with control collection at the end of a long day. 

Clare, Greg and Bernard.