platypusThe Australopers Summer Fiesta features three short events over two fun- and sun-filled* days.

The first event will be held on a brand new map of the picturesque Cascade Gardens on Friday 5th February. This evening event will feature not one but two(2) races, plus a bonus map flip! After the event, why not wander down to the Hobart rivulet to check out its resident platypus? Or head to the Cascade Hotel for a celebratory Kino win*** and/or Cascade Draught^? Details here.

The second event on the morning of Saturday 6th February is a bush sprint at Knocklofty, featuring lots of zig-zagging, twists, turns and opportunities to completely embarrass oneself.^^ Details here.

The third and final event on Saturday afternoon at Kingston High features several controversial^^^ runner's choice sections on the medium and long courses. Even the organisers don't know how this will work! Details here.

So leave your reservations at the door, pull on your lucky undies and pack your best wildlife-spotting head torch. It's Fiesta Time! You can even enter three events for the price of two!

*sun not guaranteed    *platypus not guaranteed    ***win not guaranteed   ^beer guaranteed   ^^embarrassment practically guaranteed   

^^^protest dismissal absolutely guaranteed. Unless there's beer involved.