sicard10All Tasmanian Orienteering Clubs use the SportIdent (SI) electronic timing system so an SI-stick or a P-card timing device is required at all events. Thanks to a COVID grant from the State Government, Australopers is now able to offer P-cards for sale at the bargain price of $10. These can be used at all orienteering events. To ensure COVID-safety and simplify procedures for participants and our event volunteers, we will no longer offer the $4 hire of SI-sticks at Hobart events. This means that to participate in orienteering in Hobart you will need to purchase either a P-card or an SI-stick.

Purchase your P-card for $10 from Eventor when next entering an event. Choose this option in ‘Available Services’ and click the green Add button to purchase. You may prefer to buy an SI-stick. For more information about the different timing devices see here. We still have a few SI-sticks for sale locally. Email Sally Wayte if you would like to buy one, or you can order one from aussieogear.