DSC1775We hope you enjoyed both the technical and weather-related challenges of the area. When we checked controls one week earlier, it was the most stunning blue sky day. Descending into Randalls Bay we could see all the way to snow on some of the higher peaks in the South West World Heritage Area. From the same position on Sunday morning, we couldn’t see the road 20 metres ahead of us.

Congratulations to Arabella Phillips and Joe Dickenson for their wins in W21 and M21 respectively, and to all the other age class winners. In addition to their trophies, Arabella and Joe, along with M20 winner Will Whittington, will be receiving a personally signed and dedicated book from legendary conservationist and national icon Bob Brown. Bob is a local Randalls Bay resident and joined us several times when we were scoping the area. We’re still working on getting him along to an event as a competitor.

We acknowledge that control 11 (200) on Course 1 was not on the correct feature, and was in fact on a similar feature 15m away. We did not receive any protests and note that the control was visible from the centre of the circle. After reviewing the split times for all competitors on Course 1, we determined that no runner’s final position would have changed as a result of losing time on that control. As such we have decided that the results will stand. While mistakes like these are disappointing for both organisers and competitors alike, we hope it didn't diminish the overall enjoyment of Course 1 runners. 

Thanks once again to Friends of Randalls Bay and particularly Paul Thomas for allowing us to use the area. Thanks also to Rob Plowright for the excellent map and his contribution to the course setting.

We encourage everyone to come back to Randalls Bay when the weather is finer, try out the new Echo Sugarloaf loop and enjoy the beach. It’s a lovely area when it’s not bucketing with rain!

Historical note – Randalls Bay is probably the southernmost map used for competition in Tasmania – our previous visit to the area was in November 1974, to Harveys Hill, approximately 3 km north of Randalls Bay. Participants at that event who also participated at Randalls Bay were Peter Shaw (2nd on the A Course in 2 hours and 37 minutes), Ross Kelly, (4th on the A course in 3 hours and 23 minutes), and Greg Hawthorne (DNF on the B course - his orienteering hasn’t improved much in 46 years!)