The Recovery Romp is now open and will continue into the July school holidays. You can take yourself, family and friends on orienteering adventures around Hobart. Explore Knocklofty North (from Mount Stuart), Waverley Park (above Warrane and Bellerive), Tolosa Park (Glenorchy) and Pittwater (turn right just past the Airport and head to the pine forests by the beach).

These adventures are open to everybody and are a fun way to exercise outdoors. You can go at any time that suits you. Best of all, it's FREE. The Recovery Romp offers a genuine navigation challenge, off trails! If you are new to orienteering and this seems daunting, as a first step you can Try a Permanent Course.

We were amazed by the popularity of our first adventure series. The Covid Canter attracted well over 200 people. And they have asked for more! So we have launched The Recovery Romp. This will be in place from now up until Sunday 12 July.

To participate you must continue to follow whatever social distancing restrictions are in place, and you must also respect landowner rules. This includes not touching the controls/tapes at the control sites you are looking for. In other words, this is "eye spy" orienteering. Once you spot the control/tape, simply go within a few metres of it but don't touch it.

It's easy to take part in The Recovery Romp, simply follow these 3 steps: 

  1. Download the maps and information. There are 4 areas you can potentially go to - Knocklofty North, Waverley Park, Tolosa and Pittwater. But you can do as many as you like. 
  2. For each place, pick what course you would like to do from a short, medium or long course. If you are newer to orienteering, we recommend the short which will take you about an hour (if you find the tapes quickly).
  3. Do it in your own time. Stick to social distancing rules.