cathyThe Australian championships carnival concluded last weekend with the sprint, long distance and relay championships. After up to nine races in nine days, there were some very tired legs on Sunday! 

As usual, Tasmanian orienteers performed exceptionally well against their mainland rivals. In the midweek Goldfields 3-days (held in conjunction with the schools championships), Jeff Dunn, Clare Hawthorne and Ella Clauson won their respective courses (Men's C, Women's C and Women's E), while Sally Wayte was third on Women’s D and Phil Best placed second on Men's E. 

In the Australian Sprint Championships, the only Tassie winner was Ella Clauson (W12A), with minor placings to Euan Best (M16, 2nd), Dion McKenzie (M40, 2nd), Anthony Stoner (M50, 3rd), Cathy McComb (W50, 2nd), Clare Hawthorne (W50, 3rd), Sue Hancock (W55, 3rd) and Russell Kerr (Men Open B, 2nd). 

On Saturday at the Long Distance Championships, orienteers were treated to a beautiful sunny day in exceptional terrain that started in fast open granite, continued through typical Victorian gully-spur and finished with complex goldmining. It was a shower of silver to Tasmania, with 2nd places to Mikayla Cooper (W20E), Beatrix Louis (W10), Simon Louis (M40) - first Australian, Celsey Adams (W21AS), Sue Hancock (W55) and Jon McComb (M50). Clare Hawthorne (W50A) and Hilary Cane (W70) rounded out the medals with 3rd places. A special mention also goes to Liana Stubbs, whose 5th place in W16 made her Australian resident champion. She was the only Australian in the top 9 - the rest were from New Zealand!

But there was also Gold! Gold! Gold! for Tasmania from Sussan Best (W45AS), Andrea Shiwy (W55AS), Cathy McComb (W50A), Jeff Dunn (M65) and Phil Best (M Open B).

After a good night's sleep, Team Tassie was ready to tackle the terrain in the relays. We have it on good authority that Tasmanian teams placed in 9 classes, with wins in M35A, W Open B and M Open B!

Special mention to Cathy McComb (pictured at the sprint), whose 3rd place in the W45A relay made this her fourth championships event in a row with a medal - an impressive haul of 2 gold, a silver and a bronze. This feat was also achieved by Sue Hancock, with 3 bronze and a silver over the carnival. 

Well done to everyone who competed!