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Success for Jan Hardy in Slovenia

Bubo CupBert Elson reports from Slovenia.

Well done to Jan who survived horrendously difficult courses in Slovenian karst to take out 1st in W65 in the Bubo Cup last week. The model map terrain consisted of thick deciduous and coniferous forest on steep limestone hillsides renowned for its multitude of rock features and small, medium sized and massive sinkholes.

This had me at times lowering myself between limestone outcrops down into overgrown sinkholes and then scrambling up the other side again. The Bubo Cup was 4 days with all 4 days adding up to the final. Two days were middle distance and two long. Day 2 was the most difficult map I have ever encountered!!! I took 100 minutes to do just over 3 km! And Jan was 118 minutes and won her course. Both M65 and W65 experienced considerable losses through mispunches and failure to finish so Jan managed to stay on top all week – with several good runs – while I finished a reasonable 6th out of 15,but don’t let my hip surgeon see what we had to go through. Jan's prize was a nice medallion and 1 litre of local honey. As we can’t take that back into Australia we have 2 weeks to eat it!!

We are now heading north to compete in the Bohemia Cup in the Czech Republic.