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Cathy selected for World Championships in Norway

Cathy WOC 450x214Miriam Palmer chats with Cathy McComb (pictured)

Congratulations on your selection for the World Orienteering Championships.  I must admit given your age and your lack of training, it comes as a bit of a surprise!​

Yes it would be a surprise had I been selected as an athlete, but actually I've been selected as a candidate for the WOC Jury.​

Ah - that makes more sense (no offence), can you explain what the WOC Jury is?​

If there is a protest during the World Championships which isn't resolved to the satisfaction of a competitor or a team by the event organiser (for example if a competitor is disqualified for some reason), they are able to appeal.  In this situation a jury of 5 is formed to hear the case and make a final decision.​

Can anyone be selected for the Jury?​

No, you must be an IOF Event Adviser. Thanks to support from Orienteering Tasmania I was lucky enough to attend the training for this in Hong Kong last Christmas, with the aim of becoming the IOF Event Adviser for our own World Ranking events in 2020.  ​

So if an Australian athlete protests for some reason you might be able to help give us a favourable outcome?​

[Laughs] No, as an Australian I wouldn't be able to participate in the Jury in that situation, which is why they have a larger group of people from which the jury is selected for each case. ​

Are you being flown over to Norway specifically to do this role?​

Well I will certainly be at the event, but that is because it is part of our larger family trip to Europe this year. The organisers tend to look at who is actually going to be in attendance and select the jury candidates from there.  ​

Are you looking forward to it? ​

Yes - I've always wanted to be Judge Judy!  But I guess it would be better if the event goes completely smoothly and no-one protests! Although, in the way that a soccer goalie with nothing to do starts to wish for some action, a small part of me is hoping that I'll be needed!​​