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Top Schools in the Hobart Schools Series

South Hobart 409x388The Autumn Schools Series has now finished and you may have already seen the Individual Points  -  After each series we add up the points from the top 3 performers at each school to work out the best schools of the series:  Schools Points


Serial winners South Hobart Primary were once again too good in the Primary Schools division, beating Fahan and Illawarra Primary.  South Hobart has now won the past 5 twilight competitions and 6 of the last 7!


In the Secondary Schools divisions there were new winners: Friends won the Girls competition, clearly beating Taroona High and Collegiate.  Hobart College won the Boys Secondary Schools competition, with Taroona High, Hutchins and Friends close behind.

215 students took part in at least one event of the series. It was great to see how many primary students ran on the short and medium courses. These courses provide a greater challenge and we should see these people featuring in our results for many years to come.  Congratulations to all participants for making the Twilight Series such a success – see you all in Term 4 for another 7-week series.



Liana Stubbs 118 South Hobart Primary  
Ella Hood 113 South Hobart Primary  
Hannah Green 104 South Hobart Primary 335 1st
Verity Leonard 103 Fahan    
Felicity Morgan 88 Fahan    
Chloe Puckridge 73 Fahan 264 2nd
Callum Degenaar 110 Illawarra    
Fenella Vincent 97 Illawarra    
Harry Vincent 56 Illawarra 263 3rd
Katie Clauson 100 Taroona Primary    
Ella Clauson 75 Taroona Primary    
Charlie Groves 72 Taroona Primary 247 4th
Georgia Leicester 92 Collegiate    
Bess Bignell 73 Collegiate    
Ella Webber 39 Collegiate 204 5th
Prue Clarke 80 Waimea    
Eddie Stoner 66 Waimea    
Jamie Fleming 53 Waimea 199 6th

Girls Secondary

Tara Powell 110 Friends    
Julia Powell-Davies 94 Friends    
Imogen Nation 71 Friends 275 1st
Mali Greenlaw 80 Taroona High    
Zali McComb 74 Taroona High    
Lily Garde 36 Taroona High 190 2nd
Nell Bradshaw 54 Collegiate    
Ashley Walker 35 Collegiate    
Ebony O Flaherty 30 Collegiate 119 3rd

Boys Secondary

Tom Poortenaar 112 Hobart College    
Dexter Canning 109 Hobart College    
Joey Nicholas 38 Hobart College 259 1st
Niko Stoner 109 Taroona High    
Nicholas Carmichael 70 Taroona High    
Thomas Garde 66 Taroona High 245 2nd
Will Whittington 102 Hutchins    
Taj Parsons 67 Hutchins    
William Thorpe 62 Hutchins 231 3rd
James Downie 88 Friends    
Owen Mulcahy 79 Friends    
Will Enkelaar 57 Friends 224 4th
Henry Gell 108 New Town High    
Oskar Puclin 19 New Town High    
Oliver Coulson 18 New Town High 145 5th