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News Flash: Starts from 4 pm & Special Instructions for Hobart Twilight/Schools this Week

Mike Calder 450x434Visit Goulburn Street Primary School for a Sprint Spectacular this Wednesday 6 March.  Brought to you by Mike Calder (pictured) be prepared for a small but complex campus and to do more than just a map flip!  Things are different to normal so please carefully read on as well as review the Event Information 

Goulburn St Primary School is a tiny but delightfully complex campus, which offers a challenging urban sprint course, but with a few problems:

Parking: The school is bounded by Goulburn St, Forest Rd and Cane St. The best chances to find a park are along Goulburn St and Forest Rd.

Access: The event centre and start/finish are on the school oval, access is from Cane St.

Start times:  4pm to avoid schools pick up chaos

The courses & procedures also quite different to the other events in this series:

Courses: All courses are printed on both sides of the sheet, so you will be required to flip your map halfway around. To add complexity to the courses, 3 gates on the courses will be blocked by black and yellow tape. Orienteers on all courses must not pass through these gates (but non-competitors may duck under them).

 Be Extra Careful:

  • There will be many people running in a small area – to avoid collisions, take extra care running around corners of buildings.
  • Thick black lines on the map denote uncrossable fences, and you must not attempt to cross them – you would have trouble doing so anyway.
  • Do not cross any gardens.

There are 4 courses and you might need to do more than one:

Course 1: 2.3 km

Course 2: 1.9 km

Course 3: 1.6 km

Course 4: 1.0 km

People doing the Long Course will do courses 1 and 2. You will be required to download after Course 1, then clear, check and start Course 2. Your results will be added (by magic).

People doing the Medium Course will do courses 2 and 3. You will be required to download after Course 2, then clear, check and start Course 3. Your results will be added (by more magic).

People doing the Short Course will do course 3 only.

People doing the Primary Course will do course 4 only.