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Eleanor & Arabella Report: Tassie Junior's Training Camp

Schools Team Camp 2018 450x338The 2018 Tassie Junior’s Training Camp has once again been a great success.  It was a weekend full of fun, challenges and team bonding, with all 20 juniors attending being in the schools team for Aus Champs.


The weekend began after Dinner with a short, but scary, night-o.  Some controls had become home to the very terrifying stuffed toys, including a banana in pyjamas.  This event also proved to be too much for Bayley’s dibber to handle, as it ran away and was not found until Miriam’s brief police search in the morning. 


After the search the busses were then loaded up, and a short drive took the whole team to the top of the Brookstead descent.  This was a fast-paced training exercise that focussed on good navigation while running at speed.


The Royal George Rampage was the challenge for the afternoon, the focus was team building and long-distance navigation. A few controls managed to trip up even the best of the team, with newly appointed schools team captains (Jed & Mikayla) making mistakes left, right and centre.


Sunday began bright and early with a 6:15 wake-up from Jon as he read inspirational quotes to the team.  A sprint at St Mary’s School was what it took to finally wake everyone up.  The course had an added challenge in dodging the construction sites around the school.


The camp was wrapped up with two exercises at Rajah Rock.  An interval training session provided some good practice for the upcoming relays at Aus Champs, but the following pursuit exercise proved too hard for most of the team.  Tiredness and a missing control were the final straw, with many opting to get back on time rather than to finish their courses. 


Overall the weekend was lots of fun, a great learning experience for everyone and an exciting lead up to the fast approaching Aus Champs.