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OT President's Mid Year Report

Ian Rathbone 450x298OT President Ian Rathbone (pictured left) reports:


Since I released the Annual Report in March, Tasmanian orienteering has surged ahead with the Easter Tasmania 2018 Orienteering Carnival (ET2018) topping the list.   The success of ET2018 was due to outstanding leadership, management and commitment by everyone involved.  Around 100 elites and 500 non-elites attended the main Australian 3 Day Championships and 350 of these competitors stayed on for the Bay of Fires 3 Days.  It was fantastic to be able to publicly thank Carnival Director Bert Elson, team leaders and all the volunteers at a celebration recently.


Planning has already commenced for the Australian Orienteering Championships Carnival 2020 (AOCC2020) which is to be held in Tasmania.   Warwick Moore has been appointed Carnival Director and has commenced working with a small group tasked with finding new areas to be mapped for the associated championship events.  More will follow on this story in the coming months.


The OT Board has recently reviewed its structure and a number of significant changes were made.   The first of these changes was to create a new position of ‘state coaching co-ordinator’.   Jon McComb agreed to take on this role earlier in the year and already both juniors and older orienteers have benefitted enormously from Jon’s programs and coaching weekends.


The second major change was to create a ‘marketing and communication’ position.   Following the very successful marketing of ET2018, we approached Miriam Whittington to take on this role.  Already we have seen improvements made by Miriam to the frequency and quality of news items posted on the OT website and in social media.  The E-Bulletin and OKnow have been integrated into this process so that we now see more orienteering news as it happens.  The future of the OKnow as a stand-alone magazine will be reviewed in coming months.


The OT Board along with state clubs, continues to be very supportive of the ‘orienteering coach-In-residence’ program.   Already there has been excellent work done in both the north and the south to secure new coaches-in-residence for 2018/2019.  Announcements will be made about these positions once visas have been approved and contracts signed.


Financially, OT continues to be in good shape with our reserves increased by the profitable ET2018.  We are on target to make good use of all our state grant funding for 2018.   We will soon be setting aside a sizable budget allocation to fund AOCC2020.


The OT Board will be meeting this Saturday for its third of five meetings for the year.   Our focus will be on developing our strategic plan for the next 3 to 5 years.  If you have any thoughts on this or other items that you would like the Board to consider, please contact our Secretary, Bernard Walker or myself,  Ian Rathbone