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For a great discount enter the EVOC Summer Cup by Wednesday 8 January!

ALaunceston 450x407Here is everything you need to know about the EVOC Summer Cup which is being held from 10 - 12 January.


This year’s Summer Cup is being held in Launceston and surrounds. There are 4 different events, the first 3 of which are enter on the day sprint events at Windmill Hill, West Launceston and Lilydale District School. The fourth a pre-entry, 2-person, handicapped sprint relay to be held at Weymouth. The pre-entry for this event is the completion of a course at 2 of the previous 3 events. For more information regarding each of the events see below.

For a great discount enter in advance by Wednesday 8 January. Enter Now! Otherwise, just turn up and enter on the day.

Those who are new to Orienteering:

Orienteering is a family friendly based sport in which individuals and/or teams must find a series of checkpoints (controls) in the correct order using a specific type of map. Each person is supplied with a timing device that tracks the controls you’ve been to and the order in which you have visited them. Upon the completion of the course a computer system is used to confirm that the course was completed correctly and provides the participant with a time making it as competitive as you want it to be. It doesn’t matter if you run or walk, go solo or with a partner, the main thing is that you’re outside in the fresh air having some fun, most probably in areas that you’re already familiar with such as city park. The main difference between Orienteering and say Parkrun, you get to choose which way you want to go from point to point and you must think about where you’re headed, meaning you may even forget you’re exercising altogether…

Simply show up to any of the event locations described in detail below and we will be able to explain all the relevant information to you there and then. No additional gear is required, we can supply you with timing units (SI sticks), compasses (if required) and map plus the first event attended is completely free of charge.


Entry fees for this year’s Summer Cup will be relatively similar to last year. For those entering all 4 events there will be a discount and those who are completely new will receive the first event free (+ a discount if attending all events).

The price structure is as follows:


Per event:

Adults (over 21) - $6

Kids - $4

Concessions -$4

All 4 events:

Adults (over 21) - $18

Kids - $12

Concessions - $12



It wouldn’t be a Summer Cup without some prizes supplied by Kim Nankervis. There will be 4 main prizes for the individual winners in both the Men’s and Women’s categories and the winners of the Short and Long handicapped relay. Note that the individual winners can come from those running either the long or short as a cumulative points tally will be used over the 3 events with the amount of points being proportional to one’s time relative to the fastest person on each course.

There will also be a variety of novelty prizes which will be provided by myself (mainly because I only decided to include them a couple of days ago) and will be arguably worth winning more than the overall prizes. I can however not specify what these prizes will be at this stage since I have not decided what to donate…

These prizes include:

The Jed Fleming Memorial Trophy – In honour of the late great Jed Fleming who I believe has recently “hung up the boots”. The Jed Fleming Memorial Trophy will be awarded to a runner under 60 who has the fastest cumulative finish splits over the first 3 events. To ensure this is fair some age groups will be “handicapped” by a few seconds, see below:


Females: 16-30yrs + 3 seconds

Males: 11-18yrs + 5 seconds

Males: 19-35yrs + 6 seconds

Males: 36-60yrs + 4 seconds

The Jeremy Genar Memorial Trophy – In honour of the Summer Cup founder the Jeremy Genar Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the individual over 60 with the fastest cumulative finish sprint time, a category I believe the great man himself may now be eligible to compete in?? Again, there will be a +5 second handicap for the men. BONUS – there may be a bonus prize for anyone over 60 who can beat any of the junior orienteers in the overall finish sprint competition.

The I’ll take the long way thanks award – Pretty self-explanatory. This award will be received by the individual that according to winsplits has made the biggest mistake on any control from one of the first 3 events. Highly sought after I know with what I can only call a highly lucrative prize.

The Mountain Goat – Again self-explanatory. This award will be received by the individual with the fastest cumulative time over a series of hill climb legs over the first 3 individual stages.

Event information

Event 1

The first event of this years Summer Cup will be held on an already existing map in City Park and Windmill Hill. This area has been used for events before however the start location above the pool and use of the hill between Brisbane and York streets presents a slightly new challenge for those familiar with the map and makes for a great technical challenge for those who have never ran there before. There will only be two courses available for this event due to the location and risks associated with crossing both York and Brisbane Streets. These two courses are named Long and Short.


Map: City Park and Windmill Hill

Start area: The carpark in between the bowls club and Launceston Aquatic centre

Co-ordinates: 41°26'07.1"S 147°08'45.9"E

Start times: Anytime between 6:30pm and 7:30pm

Course Closure: 8:15pm

Courses: There are two courses on offer, a Long 2.8km course and a Short 1.5km course.

Scale: 1:4000

Estimated winning times: Long – 20-23 minutes, Short – 17-20 minutes.

Safety information: The short course requires individuals to cross two streets, Brisbane street and York Street (see attached map). Neither road should be particularly busy at this time on a Friday night however care should be taken. The long course requires individuals to cross both of these plus several more roads around city park. Whilst these streets tend to see less traffic it is important that individuals are aware of the presence of cars on such roads. If lost head upwards towards the Launceston Aquatic Centre and event start and finish.

Additional information: The long course has 18 controls so those using P-cards need to be careful not to punch too many extra controls on the course, otherwise the P-cards will run out of space.

EVOC SUmmer Cup website 2Map 1: Streets highlighted in blue are crossed by both the Long and Short map and those in red only the Long course.














Event 2

The location of the second event in this years Summer Cup is West Launceston with courses being a mixture of parks, streets and the primary school itself. Apart from a MapRun held there on the 2nd of January the map is completely new and will offer a mixture of fast running and important route choice decision making with some technical controls in and around the primary school complex. There will be 3 courses on offer, Long, Short and Beginner. The Long and Short courses will both have a map flip/change upon the entering of the school complex. This map flip will also see a change in map scale so take care and adjust quickly!!


Map: West Launceston

Star area: The West Launceston Primary School Carpark

Co-ordinates: 41°27'00.1"S 147°07'42.7"E

Start times: Anytime between 9:30am and 10:00am

Course Closure: 11:00am

Courses: There are 3 courses on offer, Long – 2.7km, Short – 2km and Beginner ~1km.

Scale: A mixture of two scales. 1:5000 for the first part and 1:2000 for the second part. The beginner course only goes around the school and is all 1:2000.

Estimated winning times: Long - 20-23 minutes, Short – 20-23 minutes, Beginner – n/a

Safety Information: The Long and Short courses will require individuals to cross several roads in the first 2/3 of the courses while in the streets of West Launceston. Whilst these streets will most likely not have much traffic it is important to note that some surrounding streets lead down towards the Cataract Gorge, a popular tourist destination and hotspot for swimming on warm days. Upper York street and Basin Road are the two main streets to be aware and cautious of. If lost head towards the first Basin and then back up the hill to the primary school where the start and finish are located.

Additional Information/notes: There is a short start window for this event given that controls need to be placed out beforehand and collect afterwards before the second event of the day. Please try and adhere to the start time and ensure you’re back before 11:00am. Courses are slightly longer than event 1 so if you know you aren’t as fast please try and start early.

Event 3

The location of the second Saturday event will be another completely new map, Lilydale District School. Located 20 minutes to the North-east of Launceston Lilydale is already on the way towards Weymouth, the location of the final event on the Sunday. The map has been used for school programs before but never a club event and promises to be a tricky little campus. The school itself is a reasonable size but not massive so the course lengths are slightly less along with the winning times. The map scale is also 1:1500 so thing will come up very quickly!! There will be 3 courses available much like the Saturday morning, however only the Long course will have a map flip/change in this case. Due to the size of the campus there will be a lot of controls in a small area with the possibility for controls to be closer then specified by the ISSOM standards. It will be preferable for individuals to have SI sticks for this event as the Long course has 35 controls and the Short has 19. If you do not have an SI stick do not worry, there will be spares available on the day that can be borrowed. Also be wary of the course distances for this one. Whilst they seem short, they have been calculated as the crow flies. When calculating on optimum route choice the Long becomes approximately 3km.


Map: Lilydale District School

Start area: Main carpark

Co-ordinates: 41°15'08.5"S 147°12'55.7"E

Start times: Anytime between 4:00 and 4:45

Course Closure: 5:30

Courses: There are 3 courses available, Long – 2.2km, Short – 1.4km and Beginner – 0.9km.

Scale: 1:1500

Estimated winning times: Long – 15-17 minutes, Short – 12-14 minutes, Beginner – n/a

Safety Information: The event is confined within the school grounds so there will be no need to exit the campus at any stage. The school also has several buildings close together so please be careful when taking corners as to not run into each other. There is a train track on the western side of the map indicating the map boundary. This train track is not in use but should not need to be crossed anyway.

Additional Information: Part of the school oval is cut off by the control description on both the Long and Short maps. This should not affect route choices in anyway with the area beneath the control description simply open land.

Event 4

The fourth and final event of this years Summer Cup will be held at Weymouth, the one common location for a Summer Cup event since the inaugural running of the series back in 2016/2017. This year the Weymouth event will be a 2-person handicapped sprint relay. Whilst it sounds confusing hopefully, I can make it relatively simple to explain and execute. There will be 2 courses on offer, Long and Short. The course in which an individual will run will be dependent on which course they have entered for the previous 3 events, i.e. if they have run the long course for all previous events, they MUST run the long course for the relay. For this reason, it would be good for people to run the same course for the 3 individual events however it is not a necessity. This will allow me to produce a handicap system that is hopefully accurate based off the results and times of individuals in the 3 prior events (don’t worry about the mathemagics, I’ll do that myself). Due to the handicap system there will be no mass start, but instead the first runner will leave dependent on your handicapped time. Once the first runner finishes their course the second runner will be able to leave straight away with the aim to have all teams finishing relatively close together. Individuals will be allowed to select their running partner, of which they must inform me before the Lilydale event otherwise random allocations will occur. It would be good to have teams of mixed abilities to reduce the amount of handicapping required however if people want to create “super” teams that’s fine, just be prepared for a long wait before your first runner can leave. Teams will also be allowed to select who runs first and who goes second as the handicapped system will be calculated for the combined time expected.

Note: I haven’t heard of this sort of event being tried before so it will be interesting to see how it goes and whether it works or not.


Map: Weymouth

Start area: The Nankervis’s Shack

Co-ordinates: 41°01'01.7"S 147°09'06.1"E

First Start: 9:45am

Course Closure: 12:00pm

Courses: There are 2 courses available, Long and Short both with two variations. The first runner will do one of the two variations with the second runner doing the other.

Scale: 1:5000

Safety Information: Again, this event will see individuals several roads around the Weymouth township and therefore please take care when on such roads. Most of both courses are around the streets and parks of Weymouth which see relatively straight forward navigation. There is however an area of dunes between houses and beach with scattered bits of dense thicket which will be navigationally much more difficult. If you become lost in such an area head north towards the beach and then proceed back along one of the paths connecting the beach to the housing behind it.

Additional Information: Following the final event at Weymouth there will be a BYO BBQ at the Nankervis’s shack, all welcome. We will also hold the presentations after the final event.