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Did you know there's such a thing as mountain bike orienteering?

Will Whittington mtbo websiteIt's another crazy version of orienteering. Much the same as regular orienteering, but faster and more furious, and all on trails. There's even world championships that take place - and not just for elites but also for juniors and masters age group riders.

There are very few events in Tasmania. But on the mainland, there are regular events, mostly clumped together to make action packed weekends. And over the Regatta Long Weekend, Maryborough, Victoria, hosted the Australian MTBO Championships. There were 4 races - a mass start, sprint, middle and a long.

A small peloton of Tasmanians popped over to compete, including Will Whittington, Darryl Smith, Ken McLean and Chanchal Foxen. They all rode really well, including victories. You can Find out their results.