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Learn how to be an O coach from a coaching master

Jon Coach 450x299Grab this chance to do an orienteering specific coaching course, brought to you by OT's coaching coordinator, Jon McComb.

Orienteering Coaching Course 16 & 17 November 2019

Anyone can do it! You will:

1. Spend most of your time outdoors doing short practical training sessions;

2. Explore the basic skills of orienteering and effective ways to improve them. Including map and terrain skills, navigation skills, compass skills, control-taking skills, and basic competition skills;

3. Find out all you need to know to create a fun and interesting training session for everyone to enjoy;

4. Learn how to actually deliver and evaluate your training session; and then afterwards,

5. Actually use your new coaching skills! It's optional but you can help us to deliver an action packed program of summer training sessions for you and everyone else on Mondays after school/work. This year we have no coach-in-residence to organise these sessions, so it is up to us. Many hands make light work – if we all pitch in, then we can all have an entire summer of fun and only organise one session.


Where: Philip Smith Centre and the Domain, Hobart

To sign up (and to find out more): contact Jon McComb 0402 819 727


 PS. Bonus: Receive Level 1 Coach accreditation if you complete all the requirements.

PPS. Extra bonus: Spend a couple of days with Jon and other fun people :D