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So, how did Tasmania go at the Australian Schools Championships?

Ben webIt was hot! And the field was smokin'. Adding to the mix, New Zealand now field 2 strong teams in this competition - raising the bar even higher.

Nevertheless, the Tasmanian Team enjoyed some stand out results. Mikayla Cooper was our strongest performer. She was named in the Australian Schools Honour Team.

Click on the event names for the full results, with Tasmanians in top 10 places listed.

Schools Sprint: Mikayla Cooper 5th Senior Girl, Arabella 9th Senior Girl, Senior Girls Team 2nd (Mikayla, Arabella & Eleanor McLean)

Schools Long: Zali McComb 4th Junior Girl, Mikayla Cooper 7th Senior Girl, Josh Allen 8th Senior Boy, Niko Stoner 9th Junior Boy, Senior Girls Team 3rd (Mikala, Arabella & Eleanor)

Schools Relay: 3rd Senior Girls (Mikayla Cooper, Arabella Phillips, Eleanor McLean), 8th Senior Boys (Josh Allen, Tom Poortenaar, Ben Poortenaar),  4th Junior Boys (Niko Stoner, Jett McComb, Riley Kerr)


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