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Find out who made the top 3 during the Oceania Carnival

Eleanor websiteWhat did you do over the school holidays? Well, 77 Tasmanians competed in the 9 day long Oceania Carnival. More than 1000 orienteers aged from 5 to over 90, participated, enjoying the open forests and granite rocks from Wagga Wagga, NSW to Wangaratta, Victoria. Next October you can join a similar Carnival right here in Tasmania at the Australian Orienteering Championships 2020

At Oceania there were 5 championship events plus social events (and the Schools Championships). So, way too many results to reproduce.

But we've pulled out the top 3 places for you in the individual championship events. You can otherwise scroll through the full results from the event names. 

Oceania Sprint:

1st Brodie Nankervis M21E, Euan Best M12, Simon Louis M35,

2nd Ken McLean M55

3rd Val Brammall W75, Esta Birdahic W Open B


Oceania Middle:

1st Clare Hawthorne W45A, Stuart Lawries M21AS, Simon Louis M35, Euan Best M12, 

2nd Esta Birdahic W Open B, Jon McComb M45A, Matthew Patten M35A

3rd Cathy McComb W45A, Paul Pacque M65A, Jett McComb M14, Russell Kerr M Open B 


Oceania Long:

1st: Brodie Nankervis M21E, Clare Hawthorne W45A

2nd: Sussan Best W21AS, Simon Louis M35A, Jeff Dunn M60A, David Marshall M65A, Russell Kerr M Open B

3rd: Mikayla Cooper W20E, Cathy McComb W45A, Bernard Walker M55A, Stuart Lawrie M21AS


Australian Relays: There were some stellar runs in the relays with Tasmanians competing in both Australian age group teams against New Zealand, as well as in Tasmanian teams against the other States. Too confusing to try and list.


Australian Long:

1st: Euan Best M12, Nicola Marshall W21AS

2nd: Val Brammall W75A

3rd: Brodie Nankervis M21E, Will Enkelaar M10, Simon Louis M35A, Jemery Day M55A, Hilary Cane W70A, Helena Griggs W75A, Meisha Austin W Open B



PS A special mention to these unlucky people who never made the top 3 - despite impressively finishing just outside the places more than once - Christine Brown and Paul Liggins