Finding Event Results: Winsplits, Eventor & Livelox

After an event,  results are published in several ways. The first to appear are in Winsplits.  These are typically available a couple of hours after the event and sometimes  sooner.   Winsplits is a program that lists split times (times between controls) from events all over the world in an easy to read format.  This is the best way to check your results after an event.  The link to Winsplits for the most recent events is at the top of the OT Results Page.

Also on the OT Results Page - under the Winsplits link - is a list of event names.  Click on an event name to see the “official” Eventor Results.  These results appear late on the day of the event or sometimes the next day.  These results do not include the split times.

For O Geeks (those of us who just love to look at maps and see where we and others actually went) - from the Eventor Results page for most events there is also a link to Livelox. 

Livelox Results and Tracks on maps can be seen after Livelox users have uploaded their tracks.  Livelox will always be free of charge to see your own track and has previously been free to view multiple tracks as an introductory offer.  Livelox now requires a personal subscription to see more than one track at a time.  There are negotiations taking place at Orienteering Australia level for more favourable access, preferably on a group basis.  So maybe hold out for the time being on subscriptions but keep uploading your tracks.  To find out more about Livelox contact Martin Bicevskis