You might want to take out Ambulance Cover for Aus Champs

Travelling interstate for orienteering?  You might want to consider ambulance cover.  The Tasmanian Government does not have any reciprocal agreements with the South Australian or Queensland Governments about ambulance fees - see  This means if you need an ambulance – then afterwards, you will be sent a bill and you will need to pay this.


It may be your private health insurance covers you for ambulance fees when interstate.  For example most BUPA and St Lukes policies do.  However, you need to check with your provider to find out if you are actually covered.  Also, not all providers (for example GMHBA) cover ambulance fees in SA at all.   Or maybe you don’t have private health insurance.  In these cases you might consider taking out ambulance cover for the period of the trip.  Not all providers offer this product.  But for example, BUPA does – and the fee is about $20 for a family per month (and you need only commit to one month).


Of course, you may have travel insurance in which case it almost definitely includes ambulance cover.  Check this. If so, you don’t need to take out additional ambulance cover.  You might consider opting for travel insurance instead of ambulance cover, for the wider benefits.  But it is not worth doing so just for the ambulance cover.  It will cost more and there will be excesses applied.