Orienteering at it's Best: St Helens 15 & 16 September

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It's worth the road trip!  The terrain at St Helens is simply stunning!  As good as it gets.  The granite boulders are spectacular.


Enter all St Helens Events using a single payment with Paypal (by Wednesday 29 August) -  Or -  Enter the events separately (by Wednesday 12 September):  Long Champs (Saturday 15 September), Annual Awards Night (Dinner at the St Helens RSL) &  Relay Champs (Sunday 16 September)


Hosted by Jon McComb the Annual Awards Night will be a blast.  We'll look back at what we've achieved this year.  There'll be presentations for the Long Champs, annual awards, excellence awards and more.  The evening will be relaxed - no dress codes, child friendly and affordable.  Further details will be released soon.  At this stage all we're after is an indication of attendance.


The Long Champs are open to everyone - go at your own pace.   And it's the same with the Relay Champs.  For the Relay - all you have to do is enter a course (long, medium, short or easy).  Teams will be selected to be as even as possible.  You are good enough.  If you really don't want to be in a team - you can mass start at 10 am with other individuals.


The area for both events is the best!  The Transit Flat Map was burnt last summer.  Here is what organiser Warwick Moore has to say:


  • The fires have left the area beautifully runnable
  • Some parts on the longer hard courses are steep but visibility is excellent
  • Vegetation has been burnt and so to most of the fallen timber so there is easy running on the quartz gravel
  • Dreaded thick green in the gullies has also mainly been burnt.  What used to be impenetrable tea tree scrub is now just a mass of burnt stems you can easily get through.  But you will get black clothes!  
  • The gullies are crossable almost everywhere
  • St Helens had 2 inches (50mm) of rain recently and so the marshes are wet but not boggy.  You might get wet feet
  • For the Long - Courses 6, 8, 9 have very little climb.  The other courses have more climb but you won’t be pushing uphill through scrub – it’s all nice and open
  • Regrowth is already starting so this is the best ever chance of having a great run in this amazing terrain
  • The granite boulders are spectacular