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MapRun at Bicheno as part of East Coast 3 Days

maprun bicheno


MapRun Information and Demonstration Session - 2:00pm Saturday March 10th at the Bicheno Lions Park (opposite the school in Burgess Street).

What is MapRun

  • · MapRun is orienteering using a SmartPhone for punching and timing, avoiding the need to put flags and timing units out on the course:
  • · This saves time and effort for organisers.
  • · Courses can be left open for extended periods of time.
  • · Instant feedback is provided with GPS tracks, personal result and leader board screens.

What do you have to do?

  • · Before you come to the event:

o    Install the free MapRun App (Apple App Store or Android PlayStore) on your smart phone.

o    Start the app and “register” by entering your details as requested.

o    Press “Select event” and scroll down to the “MR Tasmania” folder.

o    Select the “Bicheno” file.

  • · At the event:

o    Open the MapRun app.

o    Press “Goto start” and the map with course will appear on your screen.

o    Start your phone’s GPS, then make your way to the start.

    • Using the map on your phone or a printed version of the map (they will be available at the event), visit as many checkpoints as you can in the time allowed (this is a 45 minute Score Event).
    • Start at the triangle (S) on the map and finish at the double circle (F).
    • There are no flags at control sites. As you reach a control (you have to be within ~5m) the phone will beep and buzz and add to your score.
  • Your points score is calculated as follows: for each control, round down its number to a multiple of 10 (e.g. control 27 gets 20 points).
  • Make sure to come back to the Finish before the 45 mins is up or you will be penalised 30 points per minute (or part thereof).
  • At the end of your run press “Upload Results” to be in the result list. This will allow you;
  • Warning: You participate at your own risk and are responsible for your safety. Take care crossing roads, use pedestrian crossings and lights if available. Children aged under 13 must be accompanied