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East Coast 3 Days: Entry Now Open


The East Coast 3 Day event is back for 2018 with events starting at Bicheno on Sat 10th March followed by a social event and OT AGM at Swansea in the evening. 

Day 2 is at Kelvedon below Swansea on Sunday 11th and day 3 concludes the weekend at Royal George on Monday 12th.

Follow this link to see the Info Flyers and to enter via Eventor:

Please note that the standard OST event fee is charged for all 3 events but the few dollars extra collected for day 1 will be returned as prizes/draws to add to the excitement of the weekend.

The AGM and social evening
Everyone is encouraged to attend the social evening at the Swansea Bark Mill on the Saturday evening from 6 pm onwards.  Included on the evening will be a brief OT Annual General Meeting which will commence at 7pm and conclude around 7.30pm.  You will need to purchase your own drinks and food from 6pm onwards.  Further details available here.

The EC3D events

The Day One event at Bicheno is the first day of East Coast 3 Days, a multi-day event in varied terrain over three venues, Day 1- Short, Day 2 - Long, Day 3 - Middle distance.

The format of Day 1 is Short and not Sprint.  Day One is not an OST event. However all the usual age classes for OST events have been accommodated on Day One but over a smaller number of courses.

Days 2 and 3 are part of the statewide OST series (Orienteering Series of Tasmania).  For details of OST see the website under Events, Statewide Series.

Results will be available for individual days and an overall multi-day result.

Please go to to see all info flyers and to enter.