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2017 Orienteering Series Tasmania (OST) final results

Jemery 2017

The final OST event for 2017 was the Tasmanian Long Distance Championships, held on September 9 at Uplands near Deddington. Following this, the Tasmanian Orienteering Awards dinner was held at Riverside Golf Club. Throughout the excellent dinner, Jo Bissett progressively revealed the Vice President’s Award voting, which had a very close and intriguing finale. Two other awards are derived from OST events, but these are computed directly from the results.

The John Brammall Award for Individual Excellence is awarded to the person obtaining the most Excellence Points from their best 10 OST races. In 2017 this was again won by Chris Brown, with 200 points. Cathy McComb (181), Sue Hancock (167), Mikayla Cooper (145) and Zali McComb (138) fill out the top 5 positions. The full list can be viewed here.

Each Age Class is a separate competition in OST points. All Age Class winners are highlighted in the full listing of OST points here

The male and female Tasmanian Orienteers of the Year are the winners of the M21A and W21A age classes where the individual has contested a majority of the OST events in that age class. Jemery Day competed in M21A throughout the year and took out the male Tasmanian Orienteer of the Year with 53 points, ahead of Dion McKenzie on 42 points. No female contested the 21A class enough times to qualify for the award.