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Calverts Beach - it is going to be a blast in the south!

Calverts Beach2

Orienteering at Five Mile Beach again? If you read your calendar earlier in the year, you may be expecting another local event at Five Mile Beach on August 6. A new devil enclosure and the threat of logging operations has given us a wonderful excuse to move this event to a different location and, dare we say it, to a much more exciting map.

Are you ready for something completely different? Want to run on a map close to Hobart that hasn't been used for 20 years? Are you over 20? Never mind - the event will be a blast no matter how old you are. If you did run on this map 20 years ago, you probably won't recognise it. Or else, surely you won't remember it!

Matthew Cohen and Jemery Day present  what we believe will be one of the most interesting Tasmanian sand dune events in 2017 - we think it will be the best of them. Why not come along and judge for yourself? We have a very special map and a very special scale, plenty of detail, plenty of controls, plenty of sand dunes and guaranteed to be something completely different to any event you have run in the last 20 years! We also guarantee you a great event with all sorts of unexpected challenges. This is a Sunday local event featuring long, medium, short and novice courses (suitable for all ages and experience levels) in a stunning location, with perhaps a few surprises. We believe it deserves to be a World Ranking Event - or at least the label of the 2017 Tasmanian Sand Dune Championships.

Calverts Beach 1998Surely you have nothing better to do on Hiroshima Day. No need to bring your own bomb shelter - but you may need a radiation suit (you old or new fashioned O-suit is sure to do the job)! It will be memorable. Bring your grandparents, bring your grandchildren - you wouldn't want them to miss out! Calverts Beach is the place to come Sunday August 6.

Above: Snap shot of the new Calvert's Beach map thanks to the great work by Mark Hey who commenced re-mapping in Dec 2016.  You will get to see all the finer detail when you attend the event.

Right: Snap shot of the 1998 Calvert's Beach map.  This is the map used last time an event was run at Calvert's Beach over 10 years ago.

Below:  Snap Shot teaser of the new Calvert's Beach map

Calverts Beach Teaser