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Entries now open for OST 8 - Johnny Mac

Cherry Tree

OST 8 will be held at Johnny Mac on Sunday 23rd July. Entries are open now and will close at midnight on Wednesday 19th July. Enter online at

Johnny Mac is a lovely area of open farmland, rolling hills and open forest, just north of Buckland. The longer courses will venture into seldom-visited northern areas of the map. 

The start is 4.5km north of Buckland on Buckland Rd (C318). Full details in info sheet at

Why a picture of a tree? This is a special tree for orienteers. It is a native cherry (exocarpus cupressiformis) and it is very easy to spot in the bush because of the bright green needle foliage. On orienteering maps they are represented by green circles ("significant tree") and you will see some lovely specimens in this area.