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OST 5 at Royal George - Updated Information

Royal GeorgeEntry is required via Eventor For OST 5 by Wed 17th May. The event is to be held on Sunday 21st May at Royal George

Details of the event have just been updated in the Information Flyer (500k PDF file)

The link to the event in Eventor is

Start times will be allocated to senior boys and senior girls who are trying for school and/or state team selection.  As this is a selection event we request that parents wait at least 30 minutes before starting if they are running on the same course as their child.

About This Event: 

This is the fifth event in ‘Orienteering Series Tasmania’ and it is a standard long course event.  Although this event is listed as a WROC event, EVOC and Australopers are also actively supporting this event.

The courses traverse undulating terrain through mostly runnable bush with some areas of plantation forest.  Rock detail and some minor mining features throw in extra challenge; the area is crisscrossed by tracks which may or may not be useful to orienteers depending on their selected course.  It is a beautiful area of Tasmania and we are grateful to local property owners Parks & Wildlife Service, Alistair and Bettina Crisp, Robbie Walker & Damian Gee.

The terrain is amazing - they burned half of the map some time ago and therefore the forest runs amazingly well and there is not a slight sign of green/dark green areas. I really enjoyed orienteering there so I'm sure the competitors will like the terrain too!” 
 … Jeremy Genar, Course Setter

“Jeremy has set fantastic courses which will challenge everyone.  The hazard reduction last year will mean that a lot of legs will have a variety of route choices.  Although there are some areas in the south and west where car bodies and other hazardous materials have been dumped, the courses have been designed so that orienteers should never need to go through these hazards.”
 … Ian Rathbone, Course Controller